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Shavla lakes

On the south-east slope of the mountain range Bish-Iirdu (Altay Mountains) in the head of the river Shavla - the right tributary of the Argut river - there are the most beautiful and remarkable Altay lakes called Shavla or Shavlinskie lakes (region Kosh-Agach). Bright colors of the alpine meadows, cedars' majesty, blueness of the alpine lakes surrounded by sharp peaks that are covered with sparkling snow trully create an unforgettable picture.

Shavla lakes consist of two basins. The Upper Shavla lake is located near the large Shavla glacier that goes down to the north-west from one of the North-Chuysky range's peaks.  The lake is 190 m above the sea level. Its length is 1500 m, width - 500 m. The lake has got a unique bright-turquois water color because of the of the ice mud addition.

The Upper Shavla lake lies at the foot of the North-Chuysky main range with the peaks Dream ('Mechta'), Fairly-tale ('Skazka') and Beauty ("Krasavitsa'). - the highest peak is 3700 m - each of them has got constant glaciation and is hard to climb on. The Lower Shavla lake is 5 km away from the Upper Shavla lake on the height of 1725 m.  This lake is 800 m long and 500 m across. 

Shavla lakes are one of the most popular tourist places, the final destination of trekking adventure tours and horseback riding tours. The starting point of such tours is the village Chibit located at Chuysky highway. From this place the path rises up to the plateau Eshtykop (over the passover Oroy, 2200 m height) and then goes down to the valley of the Shavla river.

Karakol lakes

The complex of the Karakol lakes (region Chemal) consists of seven picturesque high mountain water basins that are spread in the chain.  The origin of these lakes is of glacial tectonic. The average height above the sea is 2000 m, the maximum depth is 10 m. It is logical that the higher the lake is the less water and the lower temperature it has. If talking about the sizes the largest lake - 440 m long and 350 m across - covers the territory of 12 hectars. Its water is quite cold and very transparent. It contains neither plants nor fish. However in the surroundings of each lake there are a lot of small rivers and waterfalls that attracts great attention even of an experienced traveller. 

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