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Patmos island

Patmos island on the river Katun is located at the outskirts of the village Chemal (region Chemal). One can reach the island across the monkey bridge. Sometimes the sightseeing tour to Patmos island is combined with the tour to Chemal Hydro Electric Station when tourists are taken to a narrow path along the steep Katun bank. The mountain gorge where Katun river flows is very picturesque that is why this walking tours is worth taking.

Patmos island got its name in honor of the Greek island where one day St. John the Evangelist prayed. There is a legend saying that  in a dream St. John the Evangelist  saw two temples as hovering over the water, one is in the Mediterranean sea, the other one is far away in Altay back country. It is interesting that the island's name Patmos located in the Mediterranean sea and Altay coincides. 

The first Chemal temple of St. John the Evangelist  was erected in 1849 in the year when Chemal  camp of Altay  religious mission was founded. It was built not on the island but in the centre of the village Chemal. In 1875 the iconostasis was taken to a new spacious temple and the old one was  annihilated  and was used for missionaries' living. 
In 1915 the old St. John the Evangelist temple was taken to the Patmos island.

At present this temple on Patmos island is a functional femail small monastery where church services take place. At the same time it is open to public. You can reach the temple crossing the bridge over the river Katun. 

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