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Stone Mushrooms     

On the right bank of Chulyshman river which 2 hours away from Teletskoye lake there an area called Akkurum (Altaian 'White rockslide'). Usually Kurums were called in honor of large rocks accumulation which were created as a result of the hard rocks erosion. 

Here in the Karasu gorge there are Stone Mushrooms - unusual forms of the landscape that appeared in result of the heterogeneous hard rocks corrosion.  The mushrooms appeared the following way: a block of a hard rock served as an original umbrella for its base. The softer rock around the base was eroded by rain and snow and the "scape" was growing, growing..It lasted for centures.

An unpaved road goes along the left bank of Chulyshman river. Stone mushrooms can be seen from the road in binocular.  In order to get to the two largest mushroom houses one need to cross the other bank and rise up on the path leading to a steep slope to the height of about 120 m. The total time for sightseeing tour might take 1-1,5 hours depending on the group number and the time spent on the photoshooting.

Unfortinately these mushrooms continue constantly destroying. They say that during the earthquake in Altay Mountains in 2003 several mushroom caps fell down. Our grandsons might not see them, archeologysts say.

Stone Mushrooms in the Altay Mountains are not only in Karasu gorge. The same landscape forms can be seen in the Crimea (the Ukraine) and in the Urals but the rocks type and the nature of the creation slightly differ that gives the originality to their forms and appearance. Contacts
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