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Multa lakes (Multinskie lakes)

The true pearl of Altay Mountains is Multa lakes. Being an inspiration for painters and photographers and a pleasure for travellers and tourists they are included in most of the trekking and horseback riding tours and surely worth visiting at least once in a life time. Multa lakes are located in the valley of the river Multa that flows along a comparatively shallow valley of the north slope of Katun mountain ridge western part. Multa lakes are divided into three lakes: Upper Multa lake, Middle Multa lake and Lower Multa lake. 

Upper Multa lake is located in the upper parf of the valley at the height of 1920 m above the sea level. The lake is 800 m long and 240 m wide. The coastline extension is 2040 m.  The lake is up to 47 m in depth.  The most part of the lake's northern  part is 10 m deep. The lake temperature is quite low, in summer time it is from 9°C.

Middle Multa lake is located about 5 km lower the Upper Multa lake at the height of 1740 m above the sea level. The lake is 1990 m long and 730 wide. The coastline extension is 5370 m.  The surface temperature is 13,5°C, the bottom one is 7,6°C. The shores are quite steep with sea-level altitude od 2500 m. Small snow patches give a start to a lot of springs that supply waters to the lake.

On the right shore there begins Katun biospheric national park. Tourists can find a guest house, Russian sauna and a place for camping here. If climbing a peak of the mountain ridge that borders Middle Multa lake (about 2800 m above the sea level) one can see a picturesque scenery of the lands nearby. From this place you can also see the eight alpine mountains and the sight of the highest Siberian mountain Belukha.

3,5 km higher the Middle Multa lake the river Poperechnaya flows into the river Multa in the head of which there are also several lakes. The largest one is called Poperechnoye ('Transversal') is 1885 m above the sea level. On the way to the lake one can see two impressive waterfalls. This lake as well as the Upper Multa lake is located in the giant "bowl" and surrounded by steepy-sloped ridges with the glaciers and snow on the peaks. Here one can fully feel the severe and wild beauty of the nature.

Upper Multa lake is the last one in the chain of the Multa lakes cascade.  It is located 100-150 m to the north of the Middle Multa lake at the height of 1710 m.  The lake is 2370 m long and 900 m wide. The costline extention is 6570 m. The maximum depth is 21,5 m. The summer temperature is up to 15°C. 

The path to the upper lakes goes along the lake shore; from the path one can see impressive sceneries on the peak "Speaping Beauty" that visually resembles a female siluette.

In Multa lakes there is a lot of grayling fish. A lot of trekking and riding tours include an alping fishing for grayling as their indispensible part.

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