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Kamyshlinsky waterfall

Kamyshlinsky Waterfall is located not far from the confluence of the river Kamyshla into the Katun, on the left bank of the Katun, between the villages Barangol and Ust-Sema. Since 1996 the waterfall has a status of the Nature sanctuary of the Altay Republic. Kamyshlinsky Waterfall is one of the most popular and most visited natural subjects in the lower reaches of the Katun. The visitors mainly see the main waterfall ledge. Near it, right under the rock, there is a wooden bridge and a cloud of the lighter sprays hanging over it. Some bold spirits dip into the waterfall flows. But if you wish, you can climb up a little bit higher and see the higher parts of the waterfall.

The shortest way to the waterfall lies through the pendant bridge across the Katun, in the territory of the camp site “Tsar’s Hunt”, where there is a guarded car parking. To cross the bridge costs around 50 rubles. On the left river bank, behind the camp site building there is a trail to the waterfall, right over the bridge. Here and there along the trail you will see benches overlooking the Katun River. The total distance to the waterfall is around two kilometers. But there is also an alternative way to the waterfall from the Ust-Sema village: you need to travel across the bridge to the left bank of the Katun and turn right (there are signs) from the Chuy highway to the former children’s camp “Orlenok”. Further a trail leads to the waterfall. This way is a little bit longer, but not too long. Besides, there is another well trodden path from the very Katun bank, also leading to the waterfall. It is used by rafting competitors, which also visit this excursion object.

In three kilometers distance before the village Elanda there is a hole Chechkysh, where lots of active excursion tours start and end. The tours are equally good by the process itself, by reaching of their final destination point and also by immersion to the nature for a few days. But if you wish to immerse into the Altay beauty, both literally and figuratively, it is possible to do if you climb up to the Chechkysh waterfall from the hole Chechkysh, which is in 10 minutes walk from the Chemalsky highway. This promenade will be an excellent choice for families with children. It is rather short, but very pictorial. At the entrance to the gorge you need to pay the nominal price, which is justified by the amenities, provided for the tourists by the peasant farm (resting places, toilets). Further there is a rise along the pictorial trail with a small cheerful river purling nearby. And it is that small river that forms a waterfall a bit higher. If you look behind from the top of the trail you will see the Chemal highway. Somewhere halfway down, under the branchy birch, you will see “The spring” sign. The water in the spring is clean and cold. Rising ahead, you will already see the destination point – a small waterfall. In the shadows of the birch, right in front of the waterfall, a very convenient resting place is equipped – a table with wide benches. Here you can have a snack or to drink the water, filled from the spring. The waterfall itself is rather small; the height of water fall is around 3.6 meters. The river falls from the two sides of the mountain ledge, thus forming sort of two waterfalls.

What a great pleasure to stand under the cold flows of the sparkling water on a hot sunny day! Although the waterfall itself seems to be small, you will definitely feel its power during the bathe! Having bathed in the waterfall and then having visited the stone gorge, you can go back, bid farewell to the waterfall and climb up to the observation deck, where a magnificent view to the Katun Valley opens up. There is a wide convenient bench standing on the deck, where you can sit down, take a rest and admire a wonderful view altogether with your family. You can see the Katun River, flowing at your feet, the Chemalsky highway, the hole Chechkysh and the spreading foothills behind the river, green with grass as a carpet. And everything you will see here is only a piece of the huge Earth body, but its great power and strength will definitely thrill you!

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