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According to their name, the mountainous area of the River Arktu Basin is a refuge of eternal snows and ices. Its relief, characteristic for the whole mountain node Bish-Irdu (and the North-Chuy Belky), have an expressive vertical ruggedness: mountain ridges with average height of 3600 meters interleave with numerous deepening — hollows, holes, craters. This type of relief favored snow accumulation and formation of glaciers in ice ages, which came twice in the Altay history. Freezing of the Aktru Basin covers around half of the area size, glaciers cover around 16 km2. For more than around 40 years this freezing Altay area has been under close attention of the glaciologists, which based in the alp camp Aktru. And that is why the glaciers Aktru are well explored today. 

Totally there are 7 glaciers in the Aktru Basin. Most of them lie among the mountain tourists’ and alpinists’ routes, which require special training and special equipment. But, luckily for a mass tourist, here are also those routes, where you can simply walk without risking to fall into a crack.

Excursions from the alp camp to the Left Aktru and to the Blue Lake are the most popular route of the mass tourist. You can take an excursion accompanied by the instructor or independently – throughout the trail, in every 100 meters you can find pyramids of stones, laid out by good people. The way from the alp camp to the “Blue Lake” takes 3 hours of walk. The trail form the alp camp lies along the left river bank on the flank of the Mount Kyzyltash, and leads to the “Mutton foreheads”. To their right you should climb over the steep crumbling gully.

After the tiresome rise you will see a giant icy field, surrounded with rocky mountainsRocky Mountains. Next you can step on to the glacier and feel yourself a little bit like a snow leopard and give a closer look to Its Majesty Glacier. In its lower part the glacier is not buried by snow. In order to see the Lake you should climb over the top of the glacier’s rim. The exits to the Left Вig Aktru and to the Blue Lake are used by the sportsmen as acclimatization. 

Glacier is one of the wonders of nature, extremely peculiar and unique. Hard, but floating, they slowly and fixedly change the mountains’ look, bear and feed the rivers. They are like guarders, which honestly collect the samples of our atmosphere for years and hide them into their multi-meters-high bodies, majestic and dazzling… In Altay they descend really low and give a splendid chance to those, who want to realize their wish and to come to know this miracle.

Choose the following tour to visit Aktru glaciers:

Trekking tour "Aktru gorge. Climbing on Aktru peak", 10 days/9 nights  

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