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Ak-Kem lakes

Akkem lakes are located in the valley of the  river Akkem (region Ust-Koksa). The banks are quite low, the surrounded valley's slopes are covered with cedar and larch forests. In the lake's white water the Belukha's peaks and the sheer cliff Akkem are reflected. The Rodzevich glacier goes down to the lake Akkem.  The prefix 'Ak' at the beginning of the words means 'white', foggy-white'.  It is evident that the name of the Lower Akkem lake takes its origin from the river Akkem (Ak Kem) - the right trubutary of the Katun river.

The Lower Akkem lake is an indispensable landscape part of the Belukha mountain. Lower Akkem lake lies not far from the northern part of the Katun range -  the mountain range of Belukha mountain. Its water zone together with the riverside is 3 square km.

The average absolute heights of the peaks that surround the lake Akkem vary from 3200 m to 3700 m and sometimes they rise up to 4000 m above the sea level.

Upper along the valley just near the very Belukha mountain there is another lake - Upper Akkem Lake. The basin of the Upper Akkem lake is the result of the glacier activity. The water mirror lies on the height of more than 3000 m and has got an inaccurate oval shape - 700 m along the valley and 560 m across. The extention of the river side is about 2 km, the banks are shallow and marshy. Maximum depth is 15 m.

The lake Akkem is flowing, Akkem river flows into the lake and outflows from it. During summer time the maximum tempertures of the upper water layers are +5 - +7 degrees Celsius. The ice appears in october and melts at the beginning of July. The region's climate is severe in winter. Winter temperature is - 25 degrees Celsius in january and +8 degrees in june. 

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